Radiology is an indispensable component of rheumatic disease diagnosis and therapeutics.

In the recent decade, online education or e-learning has grown to be a part of the millennial educational experience, which facilitates learning from virtually anywhere.

With a rich library of images and a collaborative effort from the Divisions of Radiology and Rheumatology, Washington University’s Rheumatology Radiology e-learning module was created.

Core diseases in rheumatology were selected based on the American College of Rheumatology and American Board of Radiology fellowship curriculum. Images were chosen based on picture quality and educational value. Afterwards, they were individually reviewed, annotated, and categorized on the website.

This growing collection of images provides an excellent wealth of knowledge to health professionals anywhere. 

We hope to increase interest in the exciting field of rheumatology and  expand our image library by collaborating with other departments in the future.