Deepali Sen, MD
Deepali Sen, MD -Director

Robert Bucelli, MD, PhD
Adult Neurology
Robert Bucelli, MD, PhD – Director
Adult Neuromuscular

The Washington University School of Medicine Myositis Clinic is a specialized clinic that provides care for patients with immune and inflammatory myopathies. These disorders often require expertise from multiple subspecialties, and the clinic is jointly run by Rheumatology and Neuromuscular Medicine in order to offer integrated services for patients diagnosed with immune and inflammatory myopathies.

Ideal candidates for the Myositis Clinic are individuals who have been diagnosed with an immune or inflammatory myopathy or those who have symptoms suggesting the presence of these disorders. If you are scheduled in the Myositis Clinic, you can expect to be evaluated by a team of doctors and support staff. A detailed evaluation and testing will be conducted to develop an individualized treatment plan that best suits your needs.

It is important to note that, as most new patients will see two different providers, there may be separate co-pays involved. However, the clinic offers convenient on-site laboratory testing, and same-day testing for other diagnostic procedures such as electromyography, nerve conduction studies, neuromuscular ultrasound, and X-rays is usually available. This helps to streamline the diagnostic process and ensure prompt and comprehensive care for patients.

The clinic welcomes both new and established patients. New patients are encouraged to consult with both the rheumatology and neuromuscular medicine specialists during their initial visit. Established patients returning for follow-up appointments may see one or both providers as needed. Appointments will be coordinated to take place in the same location on the same afternoon.

For new referrals:

Your provider can fax a referral to Rheumatology at 888-869-4437.

It is important to go through the new referral process so we can ensure we have your records and insurance information for a smooth first visit.

For existing patients:

To contact Dr. Bucelli please call: 314-362-6981 option 5 then option 3

To contact Dr. Sen please call: 314-286-2638 option 2 then option 12 

Clinic Location:

Center of Advanced Medicine

4921 Parkview place, Suite 5C

St. Louis, MO 63110